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Race day

Sunday, may 3, 2015

Online registration closes on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at midnight.

360 Spring Ahead… Let’s Celebrate Mom!

Once again, we thank Calamos Investments for sponsoring one of the most popular runs in Naperville, which begins and ends at Calamos Investments Investments at CityGate Centre, the corporate campus of Calamos Investments, at Route 59 and 1-88.


The Kids Obstacle Course is a half mile course that will be held on the Calamos Investments Campus, just outside of the Hotel Arista.The Kids Obstacle Course will be closed after the first 350 registrants.


Join us for the inaugural High Heel 50-yard Dash! Show off your glamorous athletic prowess for a good cause. Wear your favorite stilettos, wedges or pumps! There is a two inch minimum heel requirement. All participants must be 18 years or older and must sign a waiver.


Thank you to all our sponsors who make the 360 Spring Ahead a success. The 2015 360 Spring Ahead offers several sponsorship opportunities. We value everyone and our sponsors are the ones who make everything possible. We thank you very much and let's hope our good will will spread through the world.

Types of assistance provided for homeless young people

The key to a healthy and peaceful society is the support given to its young people. Unfortunately, not all individuals are provided with the same opportunities. This sad situation leads to many people becoming homeless from a tender age. The good news is that by applying a series of assistance benefits, these burdened youngsters can regain a chance at reaching their true potential. Here are just a few types of help that you and your escorts can give to the local destitute adolescents.

Accommodation for homeless people

The main problem for homeless juveniles is that they do not have a place to call home. As they grow older, they change foster shelters for community centers until they end up on the streets. This lack of stability affects their education and their chances of getting a good job. You can help them by contacting the authorities and offering temporary shelter for a destitute individual. In your company and that of your Houston escort, a juvenile person can enjoy a brand new start.

Sometimes your best intentions do not live up to what you have to offer. If your house is too small to accommodate a homeless adolescent, look for an alternative elsewhere. Ask your escorts if they have a free apartment or even a room in their house. These beautiful women from the Escort Directory usually manage several properties and they could find availability for the social case you want to support.

Financial assistance for young individuals

Once the accommodation issue has been solved, try to offer financial support as well. More than often, the smallest donations make the biggest difference. Choose to share some of your profits with homeless young people who are trying hard to get back on their feet. Talk about this problem with your Houston escort and convince her to help, too. These lovely ladies are generous in their offerings and will surely jump at the opportunity to help a young person in need.

With the right support, adolescent destitute individuals can continue their education and aspire for a better social position. Going back to school is never easy. However, with constant support from you and your escorts, the future of your community can be changed forever. Instead of increasing the number of homeless youngsters, you can help enhancing the number of students and job applicants.

Counseling provided by specialists

Some of the cases that end up on the social assistance lists are sad stories of abuse and isolation. Many of the homeless people come from broken families and have a long history of drug use. Fortunately, by employing specialized counselors, these youngsters can find the necessary help in overcoming their past and their addiction. Take your Houston escort and attend the counseling meetings to show your support to the young individuals.

A young person that was once homeless and is now regaining both financial stability and curing his addiction is just a step away from full recovery. With the help of career counselors, he can discover his skills and look for a stable job. Every year, social cases who were believed to be lost have regained control over their lives. Now they are working as assistants or escorts for similar people that are just beginning their rehabilitation.

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