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Sunday, may 3, 2015

Online registration closes on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at midnight.

Top challenges youths face today

Growing up today might not be the way it used to be 20 to 30 years ago. Children of the modern age are confronted with many difficulties which are mainly promoted by the ever declining economy, increasing violence in the society and dealing with social acceptance as many of them strive to be accepted socially by their peers. Young people have some unique characteristics that make them more vulnerable to social changes and most importantly their spirit and vigorous to achieve great things although an enabling environment rarely exists.

Common challenges facing the youths

There are a lot of problems facing young people around the world, and if care is not taken, the adolescents turn to other negative activities such as crime. One of the greatest challenges is unemployment as most of them especially those who don’t have godfathers are denied opportunities in the work sector and thus leading to crime as the best option for them. Technology and social media also pose a significant task to the growing children as they are exposed to disintegrative and destructive behaviors which have altered how we think and live. This has also contributed to increase pressure which mostly exerts a negative influence on the teens leading to habits such as drug abuse, and other negative behaviors such as sex. Other challenges include: materialism, education disparity, poverty and escalating violence in the society and at home.

How can these challenges be dealt with?

The answer to fighting these issues is not secluding the young people, but it lies in teaching them how to address the trials and tribulations that come each and every day. Every adult in the society has a role to play in instilling moral values and showing them love together with providing a positive environment that will help in their development. Besides, parents should take their time and control how their children use technology and also ensure they are not to idle as the common saying goes “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

With the right knowledge, attitude, and community support, it is possible to deal with these issues because everyone in the society is affected directly or indirectly.

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