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Sunday, may 3, 2015

Online registration closes on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at midnight.

Fight child delinquency

According to the law, individuals who commit criminal offenses at the age of 18 and below are categorized as delinquents. Today, many people around the world are in one way or another affected by juvenile crime which has been increasing at a very alarming rate globally. This has resulted in the need for intervention programs to help prevent and fight these crimes whereby some have been successful while others have low or no impact at all. The most effective and successful initiatives are the ones that prevent or intervene before the criminal behavior gets hold on a child.

How prevention programs can help

Prevention activities have been proved to be very useful in the community because over the years they have been very instrumental in stopping juvenile crimes before they take place. Ideal initiatives are often comprehensive in nature which focuses on various aspects of the life of a child or teenager and specific risk factors that are likely to promote aberrant behavior. The programs help by reducing the risk factors, and in the long run, individuals who participate are more likely to continue with their studies because their commitment to education is increased. Also, early interventions promote executive functioning, lowers the rate of aggression behavior, increases the IQ scores of the teenager and the most important thing to the community is reducing the rates of criminal activities.

Some of the most effective programs

Parent-child interaction training program is one of the most effective activities which is designed mainly to instill parenting skills to all parents of juveniles who show signs of delinquency. The individuals are placed in an interactive situation and taught how to respond to both negative and positive behaviors. Research indicates that this initiative reduces attention deficit hyperactivity and aggression in juveniles. Other programs include; aggression replacement training, bullying prevention, community involvement through activities such as church youth groups and scouts, and education.

All people in the society have a role to play in bringing up the children and should, therefore, stop blaming the parents or the environment for negative behaviors.

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